AEC Swimming Presents the Family Fitness Adventure!

We are fundraising, and we need your help! Have fun and get out there with the family and earn a family medal for all the hard work you did as a team. Who will be the fittest family in your school? Earn those bragging rights!

You can complete your kms anywhere you like. Some ideas are taking a walk/run/cycle/skate/scooter in your area or at the park, on a treadmill, cycle on a watt bike, measure your home pool and manually count laps completed, make a track around and through the house measure it out and count laps manually, walk/run the school field, do park walk/runs, trail hikes/run/cycling, virtual training, rowing, join up with other families, get creative and get moving!
Reddford students or staff members sign up with as many family members as they like.
The idea is that the family as a whole must complete as many kms of logged activity together as they can. For example if there were two Reddford students in a family, this can be achieved by a 2.5km walk with mom and son one day (5km logged), a 3km bike ride with son, daughter and dad another day (9km logged), then a 500m swim with daughter and dad on another (1km logged). So the total is 15km achieved for that week.
A minimum of 20km of activity must be completed with the student/staff member. For those parents who love a challenge, you can log individual activities over and above the 20km which counts towards the total family fitness kms.

STEP 1: Register for the adventure

STEP 2: Pay the invoice you receive for the R200 entry per family.

STEP 3: Sign up or log into the free strava app for iPhone and android or visit then find aecswimming. Once we have received payment, we will approve your membership.

STEP 4: Record and log your activities through strava or do manual entries.
For help on strava visit When the event date is over and we have received all your logged activities you will receive a family fitness medal.

The first day the activities will be counted is Saturday 13 April and the last day activities will be counted is Sunday 28 April.

Remember Safety First! Please make use of all the proper safety equipment, supervise your kids and teach our little ones the rules of the road.

Let the adventure begin!

Want To Register For The Adventure?

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