Age 3 To Adults

2 learners per session per instructor. (Depending on group progress)

The main focus of water safety is about creating a safe, secure and stimulating environment for learning to occur. At AEC Swimming School we teach you to feel at ease, comfortable with your surrounds, enabling you to explore your own movement in water. It forms the building blocks to becoming confident in water and being willing to learn the life skill of swimming.

In this early stage of learning to swim, AEC Swimming School’s main priority is to create and establish a solid foundation of correct and proper technique. The aim is to teach a specific movement that can be reproduced and repeated a number of times. These movements are the introduction (the beginning) to the four basic strokes but most importantly the correct phases to the movement of the four strokes. The aim is to have children safe, confident and having fun while learning to move in the water.


5 years old to adults
4 to 6 learners per session per coach. (depending on group progress)


In these groups we aim to develop the four main strokes according to the swimmer’s body type. We focus on the body positioning, arm technique, leg movement, breathing patterns and timing of all combined. This is to ensure that the technique of each stroke is correct before moving forward in their progression as a swimmer. AEC stresses that this foundation is the most critical in a swimmer’s career.



This is the progression from stroke development. The swimmer will begin to build their mileage base for their future swimming career. The aim of this phase is to create an education of swimming and involve the swimmer more in their own training. AEC Swimming school aims to achieve a base of basic principles of training, land work and flexibility as well as the rules of racing.


This is intensive training that follows a specific format. These are the swimmers who want to compete at a provincial and national level. This is the phase were a swimmer learns that their time in water is an investment to their own future progression. AEC Swimming School aims to give the swimmer their best guidance to reach their ultimate potential as a swimmer. This means a lot of time spent in the water, vital nutrition plans, good flexibility and strength workouts and most importantly excellent time management by the swimmer.

Please keep in mind that in the squad training swimmers compete at Central Gauteng Aquatics galas.