About AEC Swimming

AEC Swimming School has been involved in teaching the life skill of swimming for over 15 years. The swimming school is run by Head Coach Adrian Crawford who has been in swimming since 1991, and has a team of qualified Swimming South Africa Coaching Level 1 and Learn to swim instructors.
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AEC Swimming School’s aim is to curb the drowning epidemic and has created the Water Based Life Skills (WBLS) Program, a Water Safety and Learn to swim program. This program has been very successful on an individual basis within the swim school and on the larger basis of being implemented in many schools. It is this focus on progress through strong foundations in the WBLS Program that has led swimmers to have swimming careers at National level 10 years later.


It is of utmost importance that progress is maintained with all swimmers, so that a child may enjoy their swimming. A stroke development program has been designed around motivating swimmers and giving them the correct technique and best chance of reaching their potential.

Once a swimmer has progressed according to the above mentioned programs, they have the option to continue within the squad training groups. These squads are focused around keeping swimmers in the sport of swimming and giving them the opportunities to compete on the provincial and national circuit in the swimming club. At this stage the swimmer has chosen swimming as their sport and they want to reach their optimal potential.


Our coaches are passionate about swimming and are constantly collaborating in search of knowledge and new techniques in order to provide cutting edge training programs.