Terms & Conditions


1.1 Please note all students should wear proper swimming attire (a suitable swimming costume, swimming nappies if necessary and a swimming cap at all times) and alternatively proper attire for land training lessons.

1.2 Students who do not wear the suitable attire will not be allowed to take part in lessons.



2.1 Lessons take place throughout the year, regardless of school holidays but the swimming school is closed on Public Holidays and specific dates as stipulated in the AEC annual calendar.

2.2 Lessons may be cancelled by AEC Swimming School in the very rare event that the water is considered unsuitable (such as cold water temperature or chemical imbalance) as well as due to torrential showers, hail and lightning storms. This is to ensure the safety of the students and staff during swimming and land training lessons.

2.3 Lessons missed, cancelled or not attended will NOT be “made up” or refunded. It is impossible to allocate space in our schedule for ‘make-up’ lessons. In addition to this, ‘make- up’ lessons have complicated consequences and can be disruptive for not only the student but also fellow students and the instructor. Students tend not to receive the focus and attention that they deserve because they are in a lesson that was not meant for them.

2.4 Please keep to the lesson time(s) allocated. Please respect the need to keep our lesson timetables well managed. Many hours of planning go into our schedule and we encourage that students maintain their initial time slot until the end of term, when the necessary changes can be made. This should be done unless an observation by the instructor warrants an urgent and necessary change.

2.5 Please make sure that students arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to their lesson start time and are collected promptly at their lesson end time.



3.1 Invoices should be settled via internet transfers (EFT), we do not accept cash. Please do not pay cash into our account as this incurs additional costs.

3.2 Banking details as on Invoices and Statements.

3.3 Please use the student’s code as it appears on the invoice/statement as a reference when making payment. Eg: SUR101: Surname First name

3.4 Fees are to be paid before lessons commence i.e. upfront for the month and are expected to be paid by no later than the 7th of the current month. A R100 penalty fee may be charged onto your account for late payments.

3.5 Should fees be outstanding to the value of 2 month’s fees, lessons will automatically be suspended until such time that the account has been settled.

3.5 Regrettably we do not offer a discount for siblings.

3.6 If a student has been registered at AEC Swimming School, you are liable for fees, whether the student attends lessons or not, you are expected to make payment each month including December and January, until termination of lessons.

3.7 There is no pro-rata rate of the fees and all fees are non-refundable.

3.8 The student, their parent/guardian agrees to pay all charges including legal fees which may arise in the event that legal or other action is taken by AEC Swimming School to recover any fees or amount due, including, but not restricted to, collection commission, whether action is commenced or not.

3.9 Fees are increased every year effective 1 September.


Termination/Suspension of lessons

4.1 Written notice should be given 30 days before lessons are terminated or one month’s fees in lieu thereof. Should notice be given in November, full fees for December are still payable.

4.2 Lessons may be suspended for a period of time and the same rule applies as in 4.1 above to those circumstances.



5.1 Students must be clean on arrival at the school and must blow their noses and go to the toilet before the lesson commences.

5.2 If the student presents with a fever and/or vomiting and/or diarrhea they should only return to swimming after 24hrs if no longer presenting with any symptoms. Should the student be on a course of antibiotics, they should only return to swimming two days after completing the course.

5.3 Students still wearing nappies should be changed before entering the pool water.

5.4 Students should not eat at least 30 minutes prior to their lesson.



6.1 Please note that students should not run, jump or eat around the pool area, may not enter the pool area without parental supervision and may NOT enter the pool without the instructor’s permission.

6.2 The parent/guardian undertakes to supervise the student outside of lesson times and to supervise other children in their care (e.g. siblings) throughout the time at the facility. Siblings, friends and relatives who are minors may not be left unattended at the facility whilst the student’s lesson takes place.

6.3 Please note, should any student misbehave or disrupt a lesson they will be issued with a verbal warning. Should this behavior continue, the student may be asked to leave the lesson.

6.4 Please adhere to the code of conduct for students and parents/guardians. In the event of misconduct AEC Swimming School may terminate lessons with immediate effect.


Student Code of conduct

  • The purpose of this conduct policy is to ensure that every student is provided an environment that allows them the opportunity to reach their individual goals. A student’s conduct at lessons/training and at competitions/galas should support every other student’s ability to learn and the instructor’s/coaches ability to teach other students. Each student should be committed to striving for their own goals and for the good of the team.
  • AEC students are expected to remember that at lessons/training, during competitions/galas and in public they are representing AEC Swimming School. They should represent AEC with excellence, team spirit, good sportsmanship, and politeness.
  • AEC students are expected at all times to follow the directions of any member of the coaching staff and any person who is a chaperone. Disrespect or failure to obey instructions will not be tolerated from any athlete.
  • AEC students are expected to use appropriate language. Use of profane or abusive language or obscene gestures will not be tolerated.
  • There shall be no drinking of alcohol or use of tobacco products or illegal drugs or any substances banned by SSA or FINA.
  • AEC students are expected to respect each other. Fighting, intentional touching or striking another athlete will subject the student to the most severe discipline.
  • AEC students are expected to respect and care for the property of others. Vandalism, intentional damage to property or theft of property will not be tolerated.
  • Disruption of lessons/training by an athlete will be grounds for removal. Continual cheating in training will be considered a disruption of training.
  • Students should be punctual for all lessons/training and competitions/galas. Pool time is very valuable.
  • Students should plan on attending all instructor’s/coaches scheduled galas unless they have made special arrangements with their coach. Students must request permission from the instructor/coach in advance if they are planning to leave lessons/training or competitions/galas early.
  • Students are expected to wear AEC kit competitions/galas. This displays team pride and also makes it easier to identify students.
  • Students should be an active participant in all team training’s, competitions, fundraising events and other team activities.
  • Focus on every drill and every set. Be committed to putting forth your best effort every day. An honest effort does not include cutting laps, pulling on lane lines or missing send offs/sets.
  • The instructor/coach is there to help you. You are expected to pay attention and follow all of the instructor’s/coaches instructions completely and exactly. If any clarification is needed, inquire politely.
  • The instructor/coach must adapt this philosophy to an infinite number of situations. Students are asked to respect the instructor’s/coaches directions and give their full cooperation. Cooperation with teammates and staff will produce a productive training environment and competitive environment for all.


Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

  • Recognize that AEC instructor’s/coaches are professionals and allow them to teach your child without interference during lessons/training and competitions/galas, including NOT being present on pool deck during lessons/training and competitions/galas unless you are working at the gala. Trust and support your student’s and instructor’s/coaches decisions around goal-setting, training commitments, competition event entries, and competition schedules.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship during all lessons/training, competitions and team activities. Set a good example of what is expected in the student’s code of conduct.
  • Any questions about disqualifications, judging, etc. should be directed to the instructor/coach.
  • Do not interrupt or confront the instructor/coach during lessons/training and competitions/galas. Call or meet with coaches during normal business hours before or after training/galas to discuss issues.
  • As a parent/guardian insist that the student refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, drugs, other prohibited substances, violence, abusive or foul language, inappropriate sexual conduct, or any other behavior deemed dishonest, discourteous, offensive or disrespectful of others.



7.1 AEC Swimming School will not be liable for any loss or damage to any belongings of those who enter the AEC Swimming School premises.

7.2 Access to school property, where AEC Swimming School’s are based, is allowed only for the purposes of attending lessons with AEC Swimming School.

7.3 AEC Swimming School/Club may use any still photograph and/or likeness, with or without the name of the student and/or audio-visual footage in any printed material or other mediums, for the purposes of celebrating AEC Swimming School/Club’s or the student’s activities, or achievements or successes and for the marketing of AEC Swimming School/Club.

7.4 AEC Swimming School may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions which will be communicated to you using the contact information provided by you. Your continued use of our services following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified terms.

7.5 Once a lesson has been attended it is accepted that the terms and conditions as set out are automatically accepted by the student/parent/guardian.

7.6 If any of the student/parent/guardian details (e.g. email address, telephone numbers), or the student`s details (e.g. medical history, allergies), change during the course of the year, please advise AEC Swimming School in writing. It is very important that we have your correct contact details in order to effectively communicate with you.


I, The student/parent/guardian, hereby indemnify, hold harmless and absolve from liability AEC Swimming School/Club and all its members, employees and agents from any claim which might arise from an injury sustained or damage suffered by him / her whilst making use of the services provided by AEC Swimming School/Club, it’s members, employees and agents and which is caused by any act or omission of AEC Swimming School/Club. I recognize that injuries can occur in and around the pool. I acknowledge that the enrolled swimmer is fit enough to participate in an exercise programme at AEC Swimming School/Club. I understand that risk and accidental injury is involved in any exercise/swimming activity

I, The student/parent/guardian, acknowledge that AEC SWIMMING cannot guarantee that I will not become infected with the Coronavirus/Covid-19. I understand that the risk of becoming exposed to and/or infected by the Coronavirus/COVID-19 may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of myself and others, including, but not limited to, swimming instructors and support staff, other clients and their families. I voluntarily seek services provided by AEC SWIMMING and acknowledge that I am increasing my risk of exposure to the Coronavirus/COVID-19. I also acknowledge that I must comply with all set procedures to reduce the spread while attending lessons.